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Community Weatherization Coalition

Who We Are

The Community Weatherization Coalition (CWC) is a grassroots community coalition whose mission is to improve home weatherization and energy efficiency for low-income households through education, volunteer work projects, and community-building.
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What We Do

Our volunteers perform comprehensive home energy tune-ups for low-income community members. Our work helps to conserve natural resources and reduce utility bills by up to 20%.

Our audits start with a conversation with the resident, and review of their utility bill. While in the home, our volunteer energy coaches focus on small changes; from installing water-saving showerheads, to changing out light bulbs and cleaning fridge coils. We not only inspect the home and make these changes, but also share day to day tips and changes they can make in their home enerrgy and water use habits, that can save them even further! We have helped over 750 families in Alachua County since 2008, and saved thousands of kilowatt hours of energy and gallons of fresh water. Join us!


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Contact Information

Address Information
4550 SW 41st Blvd.
Suite 2
Gainesville, FL 32608
Office Hours: Vary
Contact: Alane Humrich
Contact Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 352-450-4965
Email: cwc@communityweatherization.net
Volunteer opportunities/home energy tune-ups take place all over Alachua county.
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